Roberto Luongo sends bro-mantic mask to Eddie Lack contest

Canucks goalie Eddie Lack held a contest to design his mask, and his old teammate Roberto Luongo stepped up with a bro-mantic submission via Twitter.

Awwwwww. Turns out the bromance is not over for Roberto Luongo and Eddie Lack. When the Vancouver Canucks sent Bobby Lu to Florida in March, it broke up the budding friendship between netminders. We know Luongo was stoked to fly south, as he tweeted a picture of a palm tree, but Lack tweeted #bromanceover. The young Swede didn’t want the love to die. Turns out Luongo hasn’t stopped pining for his bro, either. Lack and the
Canucks are holding a contest to design Lack’s 2014-15 mask. Low and behold, Luongo, a.k.a. @strombone1, grabbed a template and crafted a submission:

Number 1 in my heart. Nice touch. It’s good to know Luongo and Lack can stay besties despite playing on opposite corners of the continent. The lowly Panthers and Canucks hope their goalies put the same TLC into stopping the puck come 2014-15.
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