Robin Lehner debuts unique new mask designed to look like a sketch

Robin Lehner’s new mask stands out not because of flashy designs or vibrant colors, but because it’s completely devoid of color. The Sabres goaltender’s unique sketched design is a new spin on the goalie mask.

If you’ve seen Buffalo Sabres goaltender
Robin Lehner play lately, something about his new look probably stands out. For the past three games, Lehner has been wearing a brand new mask. And while some goaltenders have their helmets stick out from the crowd with bright, eye-popping colors, wild designs or matte finishes, Lehner’s mask is catching eyes because it looks like he brought it into game action before it was even finished. The mask, which was designed by
David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, is a tribute to his Lehner’s favorite band, In Flames, and stands out because it’s devoid of any color and drawn entirely with a sketch pen. Take a look:

Lehner sketched mask full Lehner has shown his affection for In Flames on previous masks, and the new design continues that theme. Gone is the jester’s head logo from the top of the mask, though, as Lehner’s new look has the In Flames mascot split between the left and right panels. On top is the band’s flame logo, with the ‘Come Clarity’ album art also featured on the right panel and art from their album ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading’ showing up on the left panel. “Robin and I always talk and brainstorm a lot before each new design,”
Gunnarsson wrote on Facebook. “Robin wanted something really unique, something never done before. We started to talk about sketching, how about create a whole design with sketches. I loved the idea and I started to sketch.” Lehner has been using the mask in his past few outings, but he’s yet to pick up a win wearing the lid. He’s 0-2-1 in those three games, but has only allowed five goals on 105 shots. Hopefully that’s a sign of things to come for the 24-year-old netminder.

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