Robitaille, Yzerman take part in NHL board of governors meeting

The two ex-star players are now in the front office of their respective teams and accompanied their governors to the two-day meeting.

“It was interesting to see the passion from the governors to make the game better,” said Robitaille, last month named assistant to the governor for the Los Angeles Kings. “That was interesting from a former player’s perspective.”

Yzerman, a vice-president with the Detroit Red Wings, was also intrigued by what he heard over the two days.

“Interesting, and for me very informative,” said Yzerman.

The two retired players got a bird’s eye view as owners and GMs weren’t able to find consensus on the hot button issue of the NHL’s unbalanced schedule.

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“I just think with 30 different teams you get 30 different opinions, and it’s going to take more than a meeting to get it resolved,” said Yzerman. “I think there’s progress there and a consensus that more time is needed to get it done and they do have more time. I think it was very productive.”

One idea that got very little support Tuesday was adopting a basketball-style bracket system in the playoffs.

“I don’t think the playoff format should change,” Robitaille said.