Roussel taunt of Hawks great theatre, bad judgement

Antoine Roussel taunted fans at the United Center following his penalty shot goal. Did he light a fire under the Blackhawks in the process?

Chicago fired 50 pucks on goal last night in their 4-3 loss to Dallas, but the biggest shots came courtesy Stars left winger Antoine Roussel.

The, umm, spirited 24-year-old fought Andrew Shaw, elbowed Jonathan Toews, then scored a pretty goal on a penalty shot to help his team to victory. Not exactly the Gordie Howe hat trick, but a busy, productive and effective night’s work.

But his loudest moment came when he taunted the United Center crowd following his goal, waving his arms in celebration and giving them the Hulk Hogan “I can’t hear you” gesture.

It was terrific theatre. It was also ill-advised if you’re a fan of the Dallas Stars.

You needn’t believe in karma to know the Hawks can take down anyone on any given night. Their weapons are plentiful and they don’t need added incentive to go ballistic. If it weren’t for Kari Lehtonen and his 47 saves last night, the final would have gone in Chicago’s favor. Roussel threw down the gauntlet when he threw up his arms.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (though we’re guessing some of Roussel’s teammates weren’t thrilled). As a neutral observer, I found it fun to watch and discuss and debate. It caused a ripple and added color and personality. And it gives us a reason to circle this Tuesday, Dec. 10, on our calendars when the Hawks travel to Texas for what now promises to be a grudge match.