Russian president Vladimir Putin scores six goals, five assists in exhibition game

In an exhibition game in Sochi over the weekend, Russian president Vladimir Putin scored six goals and five assists. Amazing? Not quite. Check out the video to see just how loose the defense was on him.

Would you defend hard against Vladimir Putin in an exhibition game? Your answer may be different depending on which country the game was going to be played in.

The Russian president took part in an exhibition game that was played in 2014 Winter Olympic host city Sochi over the weekend and the rosters were, shall we say, a bit uneven. Putin’s side, which had the likes of Pavel Bure and Vyacheslav Fetisov on it, won 21-4. And Putin led the way with six goals and five assists.

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Amazing totals? About as amazing as Kim Jong-il logging four holes in one in a round of golf.

Here’s a highlight video of Putin’s game. He’s wearing No. 11 and, as you can see on the first goal, the checking on him wasn’t exactly “tight.” It’s like when you play shinny on a public rink and not wanting to take the puck away from the six-year-old when he finally gets it on his stick.

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