Ryan Kesler’s hilarious ‘Between Two Zambonis’ web series is back, Patrick Maroon is the new victim

Ryan Kesler’s hilarious “Between Two Zambonis” web series is back, and this time it’s teammate Patrick Maroon who has to sit in the chair to get made fun of by Kesler. From jabs about Maroon’s intelligence to shots about Ryan Getzlaf’s hair, “Between Two Zambonis” is showing Kesler may have comedic chops to go along with his on-ice talent.

Aside from the perfect fit he has been with the Anaheim Ducks this season, Ryan Kesler‘s move to California might have been the best thing for his career because he’s getting a chance to stretch his legs and show off his comedic chops.

In the second of what we can only hope is a continuous web series called Between Two Zambonis, Kesler takes on teammate Patrick Maroon. Kesler doesn’t take any prisoners, not even from the outset when he asks Maroon to go through the alphabet backwards and retorts that it, “makes sense,” that Maroon doesn’t even know the alphabet.

For your viewing pleasure, watch Kesler pick apart his teammate:

It takes one question and answer — Kesler asking about Maroon’s celebrity lookalike — to break Maroon into a fit of laughter. After Maroon says he’s a, “Brad Pitt kind of guy,” Kesler shuts him down, saying he pictures the StayPuft Marshmallow man from the Ghostbusters franchise.

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And, even though Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf isn’t on the “show,” Kesler even gets a shot in about Getzlaf’s hair (or lack thereof), saying he took some Rogaine, a hair growth product, after placing a plush version of Getzlaf on the coffee table between the two chairs.

If the Ducks continue to do this right and don’t water down the series by putting one out every other week, Between Two Zambonis might become somewhat of a sensation. And who knows, out in California, maybe they could even get Between Two Ferns host Zach Galifianakis to sit down across from Kesler so the two can trade barbs.