Ryan Malone

Status: Tampa Bay Lightning left winger.

Ht: 6-foot-4 Wt: 219 pounds

DOB: Dec. 1, 1979 In: Pittsburgh

First Hockey Memory: “I remember my dad (Greg) played so we always had hockey sticks around the house and around the locker room, I think all the hockey I remember (laughs). I guess one particular moment would be getting hockey equipment for Christmas as a young kid.”

Nicknames: “I’ve had a couple in junior: ‘Big Bird’ because I was tall and scrawny and I had a yellow shirt on all the time. In college I had ‘Pony’ and now I have ‘Bugsy’ after – my dad had the name – and then after Bugsy Malone. I think he was an old-time gangster back in the day.”

Hockey Inspirations:
“Just obviously winning the Stanley Cup – since you’re a little kid you dream of that. So that’s what we always wanted to play for and that’s why we play.”

Last Book Read: “Unbroken. It’s about a man who goes through everything you can probably imagine a man can go through and he’s still standing on his feet.”

First Job: “I want to say a hockey instructor at school. At a hockey school camp that I got paid for.”

Current Car:  “I just have a Porsche Panamera.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “I don’t know. Haven’t got it yet? Can I say that?”

Most Painful Moment: “Losing to Detroit in Game 6 in the Stanley Cup final.”

Favorite Uniforms:
“Good question – I’m gonna stick with Tampa. Tampa’s new sweater.”

Favorite Arena:
“I like going back to Pittsburgh.”

Closest Hockey Friends: “So many guys. I think all the guys you came into the league with, like I said, back in Pittsburgh, Ryan Whitney, (Colby) Armstrong, (Marc-Andre) Fleury, (Sidney) Crosby, all those guys, (Brooks) Orpik. We all came into the league kind of together, so it was pretty special.”

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Funniest Players Encountered: “Colby Armstrong is up there, Ryan Whitney and Andre Roy, Marc Bergevin – an older guy I hung out with when I was a rookie in the league. So I got to experience ‘Bergie’ – he’s legendary, for me, I guess.”

Toughest Competitors Encountered:
“I think Crosby is one of the fiercest competitors, his desire. He’s obviously hard to play against, when he’s on your team it helps motivate you and get you going, when you see a guy want it that bad. There’s a lot of guys who are hard to play against.”

Most Memorable Goal: “Scoring in the Olympics was pretty special.”

Embarrassing Hockey Memory:
“Knock on wood, I want to say I don’t have that many (laughs). Hope it doesn’t happen tonight! (Ryan knocks on one of his sticks.)

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey:

Funny Hockey Memory:
“Everything, there’s a lot of moments that make you laugh. Trying to think of one…but any time you see a buddy kind of just trip over his own feet always gets a good chuckle from the guys on the bench or whatever. (Last one to trip?) Bruno Gervais tripped the other night, so it’s a good chuckle for the boys.”

Last Vacation: “I guess Bahamas.”

Strangest Game: “I think we won against Philadelphia last year, 8-7. It was a weird game, it felt like everything was going into the net. 8-7 was definitely strange.”

Personality Qualities Most Admired: “Just honesty and someone who’s very positive. I think positive people rub off on other people, it makes things a lot easier for everybody.”

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