Ryan Reaves doles out ice justice and kisses in St. Louis romp

The Blues enforcer sent a clear message to the Dallas Stars after a dodgy hit on Alex Pietrangelo: yes, there is fighting in the playoffs and Reaves is the guy you should avoid when it happens.

Who says there’s no fighting in the playoffs? St. Louis Blues enforcer Ryan Reaves weighed in on the topic last night, squaring off against Dallas’ Curtis McKenzie in what was actually two acts of ice justice.

The scrap originated over a dodgy hit that Stars defenseman Stephen Johns laid on rival blueliner Alex Pietrangelo. Johns was penalized on the play, but a scrum also ensued afterward. Reaves tried to get at Johns, but when that failed, he came to the aid of teammate Alex Steen, who was caught up with McKenzie. While McKenzie is no goon, he has a lot more fights on his resume than Steen. Witness the result:

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Can we talk about how awesome it is that Reaves blew kisses at the Dallas bench? I mean, it’s not awesome if you’re a Stars fan obviously, but I like the swagger. St. Louis has been beaten down in the playoffs emotionally for years and now with Chicago out of the way and Dallas looking vulnerable, they’ve got some traction. Reaves may not contribute a lot on the scoresheet, but he makes a heavy team even heavier and sometimes that mental edge is a huge thing for the boys in the room.