Sabre rattling

I am sick and tired of reading opinions from people who don’t even live in Buffalo about what the Sabres have done wrong.

Whether it’s about the handling of Teppo Numminen, or how Miller isn’t the goalie who he used to be.

First off Miller is still a great goaltender, he is not a constant party boy, and does not spend his nights out on the strip, as told in week’s prior opinions.

This is a year of rebuilding for the Sabres and chemistry has to be formed between players, especially the defensemen.

Secondly the handling of Numminen (although was handled wrong in my opinion) was done in order to save the club some money for potential pickups.  

Also Tom Golisano is not some money-hungry man who treats his employees as assets. He has done a ton for the city of Buffalo; including keeping the Sabres in town and investing a lot of money into this team.

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He cares about his employees; when Lindy Ruff was fined last year for inciting the brawl between the Sabres and Senators, he didn’t leave Lindy out to dry; rather he took money out of his own pockets and paid the fine himself.

So I resent people talking smack about my hometown team and the man responsible for letting us have one, especially when they don’t even live here, but then again they wouldn’t say those things if they did.  

 Nick Aliotta, Buffalo