Sabres enforcer John Scott suspended 7 games for Eriksson hit

John Scott’s punishment for elbowing Loui Eriksson in the head has been handed down.

Sabres tough guy John Scott’s headshot on Bruins winger Loui Eriksson will cost him seven games on the sidelines, the NHL ruled Thursday.

The league’s department of player safety handed down the verdict more than a week after the Oct. 23 incident. In it, Scott clearly skates across the ice to deliver an elbow to the head of Eriksson, who left the game immediately, was diagnosed with a concussion and has yet to play a game since.

Under the terms of the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement, Scott is considered a first-time offender. He already had served three games of the suspension while awaiting his hearing and will forfeit $26,923.05 in salary. The next suspension he receives – and the way he’s played this season, there’s every reason to believe another one is coming – should be at least double the length of this one.

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