San Jose goes duck hunting in highlights of win over Anaheim

The San Jose Sharks went old school on a highlight package, bringing the nostalgic feel of one of the most classic and iconic Nintendo games to hockey. Duck Hunting is much more fun when there’s no dog to laugh at you.

The NHL and its teams have been known to use a little bit of audio and video magic from time to time on their highlight packages, and the San Jose Sharks gave their 6-3 win over the Anaheim Ducks on Thursday, Jan. 29 a unique video game spin.

For those that remember the first generation of Nintendo game consoles, the Sharks Duck Hunt treatment of their highlights should bring back some fond memories. That is, unless that snickering dog became a bit too much for you every time you missed a shot.

This isn’t the first time the NHL has employed old video game tactics to spice up a highlight package, as some will recall the league gave a few individual efforts, like Pavel Datsyuk’s brilliant one-on-four goal the EA Sports NHL ’94 treatment.

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What’s exceptional about the Duck Hunt video by the Sharks, though, is the final screen, which features a grizzled Brent Burns hoisting the Ducks mascot, Wild Wing, into the air, similar to how the dog in the Nintendo game held up each duck the player would blast away.

Well done, Sharks.