San Jose Sharks absurd holiday rap video is the gift that keeps on giving

In keeping with tradition, the San Jose Sharks have released a video to commemorate the upcoming holiday season. True to form, it’s so bad it’s almost good. Almost.

Over the past few years, the San Jose Sharks have made a habit of having a bit of fun around the holiday season. Be it an infomercial for a holiday album or Joe Thornton with a dummy, the videos are always good for at least a laugh.

For this holiday season, the Sharks have given us so much more than a simple video. Oh, have they ever. Feast your eyes on ‘Holiday Sweater’, a seasonal rap performed by several Sharks, which may simultaneously be the best and worst thing to happen in the 2014-15 season:

The entire video has a Napoleon Dynamite quality in that it’s so awkward it ends up being hilarious. Suffice to say we didn’t expect to see John Scott – and John Scott’s mustache, for that matter – rapping about mistletoe.

Some of the highlights include Jason Demers, now of the Dallas Stars, busting out his best moves, the aforementioned Scott as a grandmother, and the surprise ending of newly acquired Brenden Dillon asking if he missed the rap. It was a great job by the Sharks to throw Dillon into the video, especially with Demers’ cameo.

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It’s also hard not to stop and wonder whether Sharks commentator Randy Hahn has a history of this kind of thing. He looks comfortable being part of the music video, maybe more so than anyone else. He might have some explaining to do.

Finally, because it bears asking, why in the world would anyone want to smell a holiday sweater?

Thank you, San Jose. We’re sure this will be stuck in many heads over the next few weeks.