San Jose’s bizarre flying Sharks throwback video is a must-see

The San Jose Sharks celebrated their 25th anniversary Tuesday night, and ‘Throwback Night’ was complete with their in-arena pump-up video from 1993. The video features flying sharks that morph into hockey players. You read that right.

The San Jose Sharks had their 25th anniversary ‘Throwback Night’ Tuesday against the Columbus Blue Jackest, and while the 5-2 loss wasn’t the result the team was looking for, it’s hard to call the night itself anything but a success.

Not only did San Jose rock their beautiful old-school teal jerseys and not only did the Twitter account go all out with ridiculous graphics for both teams, but the Sharks showed off one of the most-1990s videos you’ll see in your life.

Check out their in-arena pump-up video from the 1993 season:

That is something. We’re not sure which part we like best: the way the sharks take off out of the water and fly or the hilarious high-five between the two sharks at center ice. It’s a toss-up, really. And don’t gloss over the fact that there are six sharks on the ice. C’mon, ref.

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When it came to Tuesday’s pre-game video, the Sharks didn’t distance themselves from the ultra-‘90s video, either. They embraced everything that had to do with the club during the 1990s. Keep a close eye because on top of the Saved By The Bell backgrounds, there are a few Mike Ricci sightings in here:

Great work all around by the Sharks. We can’t wait to see what the club does when they hit their 30th anniversary.