Say What?!? – March 4

“The frustrating part is you end up 17 minutes in the penalty box when you should have been on the power play. It's as simple as that and it's frustrating 'cause you know, tonight, as everybody saw, there was a lot of embellishment and this is embarrassing for our game, the embellishing. Right now they've got over a hundred power plays so far and it's pretty obvious why. We're trying to clean that out of our game and it's gotta be done soon because it's not about tonight it's about the game, the embellishment embarrasses our game. It's pretty obvious when P.K. gets hit and throws himself into the glass and holds his head and you know what, we start calling those penalties for embellishment, maybe teams will stop doing it.”

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– Bruins coach Claude Julien on his perceived “embellishment” by Montreal Canadiens players. Boston lost 4-3 to Montreal on Sunday.