Sean Avery quits off-Broadway play after massive meltdown

it appears Sean Avery’s stage acting career is over as quickly as it started. The ex-NHLer quit his off-Broadway play days before opening night after an on-set meltdown.

You didn’t really think Sean Avery was gone from the public eye, did you?

Hockey’s bad boy is at it again. This time, he allegedly did his damage on the set of “Negative is Positive,” the off-Broadway play in which he was about to make his stage debut.

As reported by the New York Post, Avery left rehearsal early Monday after “growing agitated.” The play’s author, Christy Smith-Sloman, told the Post things got worse the next day. An assistant stage manager named Natalie asked Avery if he wanted a slice of pizza. He declined and thought he heard the assistant call him an a–hole.

According to Natalie, Avery told her she was “talking s–t” and “so full of s–t.” Director Andreas Robertz claims Avery asked him, “Don’t you know who I am?” And stormed out.

We’re only getting one side of the story, but it sure is condemning, especially when every major authority figure in the production, which was slated to debut Thursday, calls Avery out.

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Smith-Sloman: “He’s a playwright’s worst nightmare.”

Robertz: “I think something snapped in him.”

Smith-Sloman said she doesn’t want Avery back, and that “it’s unbelievable he would do this two days before we open.

Avery’s role, the best friend of the lead male character in a play about an interracial couple, will be played by an understudy. THN has requested to speak with him for his perspective on the incident. We’ll update the story if we hear from him.

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