Sedins deserve new deal with Canucks

It is time for Mike Gillis to stand up and take notice.

Before the 2008-09 season got under way, the new Canucks GM called out Daniel and Henrik Sedin saying he wasn’t sure they were top line players.

And the twins answered the call.

The Sedins have had an excellent year and have proved that they are, without a doubt, top line players in the NHL.

Along with Roberto Luongo, they are the face of the Canucks franchise and they deserve to be rewarded for their contributions to their club.

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Gillis asked for it and the Sedin’s delivered. It is time for him to sign these two superstars, long term.

If the Canucks lose the twins to free agency, it will be a devastating blow to a team with a bright future.

Logan Elgren, Regina, Sask.