Senators announce owner Eugene Melnyk released from hospital

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk has been released from hospital and is doing well following a liver transplant on May 19. Melnyk requested the help of the public in finding a live liver donor on May 14, as he had exhausted all other options and was in urgent need of a donor. Melnyk will continue to have weekly follow-ups with his “transplant team.”

The Ottawa Senators announced Wednesday that owner Eugene Melnyk, who had undergone a liver transplant on May 19, has been released from Toronto General Hospital and is doing well.

“Mr. Melnyk’s recovery has been proceeding very well since undergoing his transplant,” said Dr. Atul Humar in a statement released by the Senators. “As with all of our transplant patients, Mr. Melnyk has been monitored closely by his transplant team and his general health has improved to the point where he can begin the next phase of his recovery. In addition, we are pleased to report that the anonymous donor has also been discharged and is doing extremely well.”

News that Melnyk would need the liver transplant first came on May 14, when he, through the Senators, released a statement requesting a live liver donor. The official statement from the team didn’t come until three weeks after Melnyk had been admitted to hospital, however, and wasn’t released until the Senators owner had exhausted all his other options. At the time of the news release, Melnyk was said to be in “urgent need” of a donor.

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According to Dr. Humar, any healthy adult was eligible to be the live liver donor and hundreds of applications were submitted. Near the end of the search, 12 potential donors went through a screening process. One patient was selected from the process and that anonymous liver donor has also been released from hospital according to CBC.

“You are an incredible person and we truly admire your unselfish act of kindness and courage to be a living liver donor,” the Melnyk family said in a statement shortly after the transplant. “We are so grateful to you and to your support system of family and close friends who have helped you take this brave journey to save Eugene’s life. You remain in our thoughts and prayers as we wish you a speedy and full recovery.”

There is still a recovery time expected for Melnyk and he will be required to have weekly meetings with his “transplant team.” He has been moved to a location that can provide him with proper rehabilitation services.