Senators unveil new logo for 25th anniversary, fans don’t approve

The Ottawa Senators unveiled a new secondary logo for their 25th anniversary and to say Senators fans didn’t approve would be an understatement. The critics derided the logo, which features the primary emblem floating above text and roman numerals.

In 1992, the Ottawa Senators joined the NHL and proceeded to post one of the worst records in NHL history. Now, one quarter of a century later, the Senators have hope for a decent campaign, but if fans are to be believed, they may be celebrating their 25th anniversary with one of the worst logos the NHL has ever seen.

While it may be a bit of an overstatement, to say fans are displeased with the Ottawa’s choice of commemorative logo for the upcoming campaign wouldn’t quite do the reaction to the logo justice. The logo itself, which is simply the current logo with text underneath, was roundly met with criticism online, including the Ottawa Citizen writing that the new logo, “offended people with the ability to use their eyes to look at things.”

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It’s easy to admit that some of the criticism is certainly warranted.

The logo, which could have had some flair and harkened back to the past of the club, is pretty simplistic. The font choice is puzzling, to be sure. And the gradient texture on the roman numerals leaves something to be desired. It’s certainly no Hartford Whalers logo. But worst logo of all time? It’s hard to call it that when it’s not a primary mark.

This is a secondary logo – it will likely be worn as a patch on the jerseys in 2015-16 and maybe associated with some merchandise. The Senators likely won’t be trotting out onto the ice with this strewn across their chests.

What do you think? Is the logo being fairly derided?