Shame on the few distasteful Habs “fans”

I’d like to call out the Habs “fans” that are making a lot of us look like idiots.

Here is a group of fans who tease Leaf fans for celebrating a first round victory, yet when we beat the Boston Bruins in seven games the city riots like Maurice Richard got suspended again. What happens when we get by Philly this time?

Please don’t act like this again.

And as for booing the U.S. anthem: This isn’t a political arena so keep your opinions to yourself and be respectful. Thanks to the ones who did this, we now get treated to Jean Beliveau reminding us before every game that the Canadiens are a classy organization and this kind of behavior reflects poorly on the organization.

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Gainey has finally assembled a team that understands what a privilege it is to wear the crest and the colors – a few bad apples really reflect poorly on the franchise and its fans.

Oh yeah – for the ones who booed – what do the following players have in common? Mike Komisarek, Chris Higgins and Brian Smolinski. Yes that’s right they’re all born in the USA, so by booing their anthem, you’re booing your own players.

Perhaps you like looking like morons, but I don’t. Let’s just enjoy the best hockey coming out of Montreal since 1993.

Ted Clair, Kingston, Ont.