Shane Doan’s Fan Shootout answers

Who do you think is the hardest-working player in the NHL?
– Mark Deering, St. John’s Nfld.

Jonathan Cheechoo of the Sharks.

What would you be doing if you weren’t playing hockey?
– Adrian MacLellan, New Waterford, N.S.

I would be doing something with horses. I love horses.

Who in your career has influenced you to become such a great two-way player?
– Kelly Kolla, Cudworth, Sask.

My father, Bernie. He was a very good hockey player who was drafted by St. Louis. He always gave me good advice.

What advice do you have for young players in small towns who want to make it to the NHL?
– Blayd Anholt, Amisk, Alta.

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I played in Amisk. Believe in yourself and know that anything is possible.

Do you think checking should be allowed in minor hockey?
– Jason O’Connor, Stony Creek, Ont.

Yes, to a degree. I think it’s better and safer for kids to learn how to hit when they are five or six-years-old than at 12 or 13 when you can get hurt.

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