Sharks take playful jab at advanced stats with Holiday Sweater infographic

The San Jose Sharks broke down their recent holiday video, Holiday Sweater, the only way they could: with advanced statistics. Check out this hilarious infographic to see who had the best quality of rhymes and highest words per 60.

If there was ever anything that could end the fierce debate over the importance of advanced statistics and show their absolute importance, it’s this infographic from the San Jose Sharks. After releasing their holiday video, the
hilarious Holiday Sweater, the Sharks got to work on delivering us this infographic that breaks down everything from the quality of rhymes and average verse length to dog barks and Milli Vanilli, the measure of Sharks that lip synced a teammates verse. It’s great from top to bottom.

Sharks Infographic Holiday Sweater

There’s a tendency from people on both sides of the advanced stats argument to have a bit of trouble taking the entire thing less seriously, but if anything can help, it will be this graph. The inforgraphic takes aim at just about every facet of advanced statistics, from zone starts to the breakdown of play “per 60,” which is often how stats like Corsi and Fenwick are looked at. And as for the quality of rhymes measure, that’s a perfect rib of how difficult some of the stats can be to understand. If the video wasn’t enough, this infographic puts it over the top. Well done, San Jose.

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