Sidney Crosby does that thing only Sidney Crosby can do

Sidney Crosby can do things on the ice that few players in the world can. On Monday night, he scored a backhand goal that is nothing short of incredible.

There’s a reason why we called Sidney Crosby the greatest player of the past calendar year, and that’s because Crosby can do things that few players in the world can do.

Consider Crosby’s goal on Monday night against the New Jersey Devils is a perfect example of the type of skillset that Crosby possesses. It’s one of those goals that when Crosby retires, whenever that is, you’ll see on highlight reels in his career retrospective. Take a look:

There aren’t many players who could make that move, or that shot, at full speed. Add to it the fact Crosby found the smallest of holes to put this puck right over Devils goaltender’s Cory Schneider’s shoulder, and it’s that much harder to believe.

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The goal was only Crosby’s second in the last thirteen games, but that’s one heck of a way to bust up a slump. The tally gives the Penguins superstar has 11 goals and 38 points this season.