Six-foot, 100-pound chocolate Stanley Cup is the holy grail of hockey treats

For the Blackhawks’ fan convention, the team had on hand a six-foot tall, 100-pound replica of the Stanley Cup – and it was made of chocolate. The monstrous, chocolate Cup took roughly 150 hours of work to be completed.

The greatest prize in hockey, the Stanley Cup, weighs 34.5 pounds and stands 35.25 inches tall. It only makes sense then that the chocolate Stanley Cup should be the greatest prize in confectionary art. It does, after all, dwarf the very trophy it is modeled after.

At the recent Chicago Blackhawks fan convention, which took place over the weekend, Chicago’s French Pastry School designed and delivered a six-foot tall, 100-pound replica of the trophy, which was complete with a Blackhaws logo and painted in silver dust, according to Justin Breen of The gigantic chocolate replica also made an appearance at a party held by Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz to celebrate the Stanley Cup victory. Take a look at every dentist’s nightmare:

According to Breen, this is the third time the pastry school and the Blackhawks have worked together, previously teaming up to work on delicious decorations following the Blackhawks’ 2010 and 2013 Stanley Cup victories. This year’s chocolate Cup took about 150 hours to complete.

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“It’s become a bit of a tradition between the Hawks and The French Pastry School,” the school’s marketing specialist, Susan Walker, told Breen.

But here’s the part that will make Blackhawks fans everywhere cringe: according to Breen, the chocolate Cup was completed before Chicago had actually won the real thing. Everything worked out all right in the end, though, and the Blackhawks got to celebrate their victory with this confectionary delight.

One thing we can’t help but wonder, though, is what Marzipan Jagr would think about a chocolate Stanley Cup.