Sorry, but you can’t head butt the puck into the net

It was certainly a skilled and creative attempt by Chicago’s Andrew Shaw in double overtime, but rules are rules. Apparently you can’t intentionally use your noggin in hockey to score goals.

Anybody outside the citizens and players who reside in Orange County probably would have been happy to see last night’s game end a little earlier, but Andrew Shaw’s disallowed goal in double overtime was called off for the right reason. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should:

I mean, that’s fun. I can’t pretend it’s not. But rules are rules and apparently, you’re not allowed to head butt the puck into the net. Even a lot of NHLers didn’t know that, but let’s face it: the issue doesn’t come up a lot.

I get it, though. After all, it’s almost like a slightly more benign “distinct kicking motion.” Letting players kick near a potentially prone goalie or fallen defenseman with sharpened blades on their feet isn’t something that promotes the general welfare of anyone. And allowing head-butt goals would surely end up being more Millwall than Maradona, even if the players weren’t trying to hurt each other.

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So points to Shaw for the effort and the ingenuity, but there’s a pretty good reason why it didn’t count. And hey, Chicago beat Anaheim eventually.