SPHL’s Cottonmouths unveil great new logo after two decades with old mark

The Columbus Cottonmouths have won three titles and made the post-season in all but four of their 20 seasons, but the team is starting fresh after a disappointing 2015-16. The Cottonmouths unveiled a new logo, their first new primary mark in two decades.

The Columbus Cottonmouths have had a successful 20 seasons on and off the ice, including three championships and 16 playoff appearances spread across the Central League, ECHL and SPHL. And the Cottonmouths have achieved all of that while playing under the same crest as the one the franchise debuted in 1996. That’s about to change. The Cottonmouths officially unveiled their new primary logo Tuesday, which is the first rebranding the team has undergone in its two decades of existence. The new mark, which is a profile of a venomous cottonmouth snake’s head, is the Georgia-based team’s way of sticking with the traditional snakehead logo while giving it a much-needed update. There’s a little bit of a Detroit Vipers feel to the new mark, but the three-color palette, which includes Chattahoochee Royal Blue, Victory Gold and black with “a hint of scarlet,” really pops and feels like a big-league mark for the minor-league club.

Columbus Cottonmouths old logo
According to a release from the team, the logo update had been in the works for nearly two years, but the team decided to finally pull the trigger on changing their mark to help close out the first 20 years of the franchise’s history. The new logo is supposed to help signify the beginning of a new era for the Cottonmouths, which will be the beginning of their third decade of play. The logo was designed by Nick Matarese and The Barn Creative. “The Barn focuses on what makes the Cottonmouths, the Cottonmouths – and created a design system that propels the brand towards the future, while embracing who the snakes are in Columbus,”
the team said in a release. Shannon Szabados, the former Canadian women’s national team goaltender, is one of the more notable members of the club. She has played for Columbus each of the past three seasons, but there’s a chance she may not be back next season. This past season marked the first time in the Cottonmouths’ 12 seasons in the SPHL that the team missed the playoffs, finishing with a disappointing 19-29-8 record.

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