Squirt squirt: Habs-Bruins Game 5 turns into Watergate 2.0

Shawn Thornton spraying P.K. Subban with a water bottle was dirty. But was it worthy of suspension?

Wiley veteran Bruins forward Shawn Thornton found a new way to irritate his opponents on Saturday.

He sprayed the Habs’ P.K. Subban with water while the game was going on.

The incident happened in the last minute of the game with Subban swooping back along the boards in the neutral zone to pick up the puck. That’s when Thornton squirted him in the face with a water bottle.


Now, there’s word the league might be looking into it.

It was adorable a few days ago when the Anaheim Ducks’ Corey Perry (that little rascal!) sprayed Jeff Carter‘s glove.

But when Thornton sprayed water at Subban in the Bruins’ 4-2 win on Saturday, the move instantly came under harsh criticism.

Maybe it’s because this is P.K. Subban, and the game was in Boston, and Subban is clearly the Habs’ only shot at winning the series right now, and everyone is just out of their minds about everything in this series.

Or maybe it’s because Subban was actually trying to play the puck in the dying seconds of the game. But the alleged shot of water didn’t keep Subban from making the play, though it did rile him up good. Subban came back to the bench to yell at Thornton, while Thornton sat and simply laughed.

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Does Thornton deserve a suspension?

Absolutely not. Maybe a fine – maybe – if the league wants to send a message about that kind of thing. He was on the bench after all, and shouldn’t have been interfering in the play.

Though it didn’t change the course of the game, people will now have something else Subban-related to discuss until Game 6.

But the Habs should be worrying about a few other things.

Like a Boston Bruins power play that’s suddenly figured itself out. The Bruins scored two goals 32 seconds apart in the second period, courtesy of Reilly Smith and Jarome Iginla. The goals broke a 0-for-10 streak of power play futility for the Bruins in the series. They also gave Boston a 3-0 lead and put the game out of reach for the Habs.

Or maybe Montreal should worry that Subban – a defenceman – is driving their offence while their big names on forward sit quiet.

Maybe the rest of the team should step up and make it more about the Canadiens, and less about Subban.

Because water bottle squirt or not, the Habs didn’t show up when it mattered in Game 5, and are now one loss away from elimination.