Stars and stripes needs its stars

Robert Welsh, Park Ridge, N.J.

I would like to say thank you to Scott Clemmensen, Brandon Dubinsky, Jack Johnson and all the other players who represented Team USA at the World Championship in Germany.

While this year’s team will long be remembered for its dreadful 13th-place finish, every member set a wonderful example that every NHL player should follow – when your nation calls you answer the bell.

It has been a pleasure to watch Team USA become competitive at IIHF events over the last decade; however, the World Championship is an event that we don’t seem to take seriously.

For me it would be a no-brainer. If my team didn’t make the playoffs or suffered a tough first-round loss, why not try and end the season on a positive note by wearing the red, white and blue and trying to cement America’s position as an up-and-coming hockey power by securing a medal.

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While the quality of our World Championship teams has improved dramatically since the formation of the national team development program, my hope is all American-born players would take the time every spring to devote their time and effort to helping America become the best hockey-playing nation in the world.

After all, all it seems we are asking is to have some pride in your country. Here’s hoping this year’s 13th-place debacle is a wake-up call to all American hockey players.

Let’s hope this never happens again!