Antti Niemi added to list of NHLers who’ve had name spelled wrong

Dallas Stars netminder Antti Niemi hit the ice Tuesday with a new look. It wasn’t his pads or his helmet, but his jersey: the Stars’ equipment team spelled Niemi’s name wrong. The error was fixed before the game began, but Niemi is the latest in a number of notable name gaffes.

Antti Niemi is still getting adjusted to life in Dallas, and it appears the Stars’ equipment managers are still getting used to have Niemi around. Case in point: Niemi hit the ice for warmups Tuesday with his name hilariously misspelled. There were more than a few of those in attendance who caught the Stars’ gaffe, and that includes the MSG crew who were broadcasting the game for the hometown Buffalo Sabres. Leave it to Sabres all-time great play-by-play announcer Rick Jeanneret to point out the error in spelling like only he could:

Post-game,’s Joe Yerdon reported that Niemi had no idea his name was spelled wrong on his jersey but that the Stars training staff had an extra jersey waiting for him before he headed out for the first period. The Stars shouldn’t feel too poorly, though, because these kinds of things happen, and Niemi certainly won’t be the last player to have his name spelled wrong. At least it was only the one instance for Niemi, too, and not the better part of his career, like what happened with former Star
Nicklas Grossmann. Grossmann, who made his NHL debut in 2006-07 with Dallas, had his name spelled “Grossman” for the first six seasons of his career. Finally, when traded to Philadelphia, someone noticed the mistake and fixed it and Grossmann
wore a properly spelled jersey for the first time in his career:
Stars' Niklas Grossman (Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images) / Flyers' Nicklas Grossmann (Drew Hallowell/Getty Images) Grossmann player more than half a decade with the incorrect spelling, but he’s not the only one to endure a few games with an error on his sweater. During his days in Buffalo, Rob Niedermayer played three games wearing a jersey that read “Neidermayer.”
The error was eventually caught, but the photos live on:
Rob Niedermayer (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) The misspellings have even happened to star players. Take Wayne Gretzky, for instance. English Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur made headlines for misspelling
Gretzky’s name with an ’S’ in September, but the New York Rangers’ staff also made a spelling error during the 1997-98 season:
Wayne Gretzky. (Jim Leary/Getty Images) Last time we checked, it was Gretzky, not “Gretkzy.” But the ‘Great One’ didn’t let the misspelling hurt his play. In the Oct. 30, 1997 contest against the New York Islanders, “Gretkzy” notched an assist.

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