Steve Moore’s brother Mark says “there is no deal yet” with Todd Bertuzzi

Yesterday there were reports that lawyers representing Steve Moore and Todd Bertuzzi had reached a settlement ahead of the Sept. 8 court date. Today, Steve’s brother Mark claimed that no deal has been reached.

Tuesday, there was a report that the lawyers representing
Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore had come to an agreement on a settlement ahead of their Sept. 8 court date. Today, that settlement isn’t so clear anymore. According to TSN’s Rick Westhead, Steve Moore’s brother Mark claimed there has been no settlement in the lawsuit.
From Westhead:
“I got a text message from Steve last night and he’s very concerned,” Mark Moore told TSN. “He says there is no deal yet and isn’t sure what to do about all the media speculation.
“Because of the injury he has trouble making decisions and so he doesn’t know how to handle the media.”

And Mark Moore went even further, questioning why Bertuzzi’s camp is so eager to get a deal done now:
“Bertuzzi is a free agent and he wants to sign a contract,” Mark Moore continued. “They are trying to put on pressure. You see the Canucks have not made a statement.” What is going on here? Initially, there were reports a deal was close, then that it was done. OK. But around the same time Tuesday morning,
Westhead tweeted that Bertuzzi’s lawyer had received a “disconcerting email” from the Moore camp that made him wonder if the deal was in jeopardy. But even after that came reports that a deal had been reached. And today, we’re back to Square 1. Even now, Geoff Adair, a lawyer for Bertuzzi, maintains a deal has been reached.
berttweet It would seem unlikely Bertuzzi’s side would confirm a deal had been reached before said deal had actually been agreed to. But in one day, this story has flipped from one side, to the other and back again, leaving the rest of us to wonder what the heck is going on right now.
UPDATE: The Vancouver Canucks have confirmed a settlement has been reached.
From Sportsnet:
“Canucks Sports & Entertainment confirms that a mutually agreeable and confidential settlement of the action commenced by Steve Moore against Todd Bertuzzi and the Vancouver Canucks has been reached,” said the Canucks. “The settlement is a result of mediation sessions with former Ontario Chief Justice Warren Winkler. No further details will be disclosed and the Canucks respectfully decline requests for comment.”
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