Steven Stamkos uses baseball skills to score game-tying goal

Before he was an all-star NHL player, Steven Stamkos played his share of baseball and he used that skill Monday night to chooke up on his stick and score the tying goal against Ottawa.

The best advice you can get as a youth hockey player is to get out and play other sports besides hockey. Take up a hobby or play tennis or basketball or golf. It’s just a game after all, and the fun of it can be sucked out over years and years of non-stop hockey.

Play baseball in the summer. That’s what Steven Stamkos did. You never know when a skill you developed in another sport or hobby will come in handy, as Stamkos’ choked-up baseball swing did Monday night on a game-tying goal against the Ottawa Senators.

The original call on the ice was no-goal, but when the officials convened they changed their ruling to make the correct call. Stamkos’ bat, err, stick was below the crossbar when he made contact with the puck. As the rule states:

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Rule 38.4 (vi) “The determining factor is where the puck makes contact with the stick in relation to the crossbar. If the puck makes contact with the portion of the stick that is at or below the level of the crossbar and enters the goal, this goal shall be allowed.”

For a high sticking whistle, of course, the stick can’t touch the puck above the player’s shoulders.

This goal tied the game, which ultimately went to a shootout on a night that had too many shootouts. The Senators won 4-3.

Stamkos has been known to play a beer league slo pitch game or two in his time. So there you go kids: Stamkos grew up playing sports other than hockey and so should you.

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