Steven Stamkos versus flying robots? Yes, please

Steven Stamkos using flying drone bots for target practice? It’s exactly what it sounds like, as this cool video shows us.

Some things in life need little introduction.

Do you like Steven Stamkos? Yes.

Do you like seeing Steven Stamkos do crazy things with a puck? Yes.

Do flying drone robots, equipped with tiny targets, fascinate you when placed in a hockey rink? Yes.

Is it a good idea for Stamkos to battle the drones, armed with a stick, a puck and his laser-like shot? Of course.

Let’s enjoy the sum of those parts, courtesy of a Sport Chek promo video:


Shameless advertising? Sure, whatever. Don’t overthink it. STEVEN STAMKOS IS FIGHTING ROBOTS. Enjoy it. Next up. Skynet? Maybe, though the drones got to ‘Stammer.’ He hates them, according to his Twitter feed. Beats talking about his contract negotiations, though. Right?

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