Stevie Y a great guy

Being a season-ticket holder for the Red Deer Rebels I attended a game last Friday night against the Medicine Hat Tigers, which wasn’t supposed to be different than any other. I’d just go to cheer on my favorite junior team and hope for favorable results. 

Well, just after the anthem I glanced over to the other section and to my astonishment I saw Detroit GM Ken Holland and Detroit icon Steve Yzerman. I immediately began to hit my friends sitting next to me. We were all beyond thrilled and figure it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet one of hockey’s all-time greatest players. 

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Steve was a great guy and had no problems holding my friend’s baby daughter for a picture, chatting, and signing autographs for us. We must have started something because next thing you knew people were lining up and down the aisles for a chance to meet Steve. 

I have to say he was a very classy, generous individual and decided not to leave as he was asked if he would prefer to be seated up in the private boxes, kindly replying “No thanks, I’m good here.”

He made an ordinary night a truly special one. Thanks Steve Yzerman.

Devan Krahn, Lacombe, Alta.