Still an Avalanche or a mild snowstorm?

Brett Hanna, Salmon Arm, B.C.

A team before the cap that ruled the hockey world with many stars, now diminished with one of the lowest salary cap hits in the NHL.

They usually still have put a winning product on the ice, but I think it is hard to ignore that they could easily, with a few additions make their team a contender again.

They do have quite a lot of young talent, but they are taking huge chances that those players produce. Their ticket prices, ticket sales and merchandise sales have dropped significantly in the past few years. I know their current owner has the cash flow to bring in a star and really help the organization out.

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For a team that could easily be a Cup contender, the top management is making it rather tough on their players to even make the playoffs.

I understand that throughout the entire season they have to compete with other sports teams for sales. The Nuggets, Rockies, Broncos and Mammoth are all teams competing in the sports market with the Avalanche and the Avalanche are failing.

Owner Stan Kroenke also owns the Nuggets and sports fans generally pick one or the other.

He owns the Pepsi Center and that must lower the cost to his teams, so why not bring in a star and give the fans what they want?