Stop players from hitting the goalies

Stop the goalie crashing!

There is way too much crashing the goalie. I know you are supposed to be aggressive around the net looking for that elusive loose puck, but enough is enough.

Players are charging the goalies like jousting knights with their sticks out, trying to pry the puck out of the tender’s glove or out from under their pads. Either that or the ‘accidental’ fall directly on top of the goalie to try and get the puck loose.

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After all of this comes the scrums, which is usually followed by a bunch of penalties. I am seeing this trickle down to the minor levels and if the officials let it happen it usually ends up with a lot of aggression on both sides.

So with all the attempts to speed up the game and prevent goalie injuries get the officials to crack down on this type of assault on goalies and the defensemen who protect them.

Rick Flann, Long Reach, N.B.