Stop what you’re doing & watch this goal of the year candidate

Nick Petersen of the DEL’s Iserlohn Roosters didn’t just score one of the nicest goals of the year, he scored one of the most ridiculous goals you’ll ever see. Petersen shakes four defenders and fakes one out for the hat trick capping tally. It’s almost unbelievable.

The following comes to you from the German DEL and a player you’ve likely never heard of, but will likely remember for the rest of the year after this dazzling tally.

Nick Petersen plays for the DEL’s Iserlohn Roosters and last Friday he scored on the greatest goals you’ll ever see. It was posted by a reddit user, Geoff819, who writes Petersen is his brother and this beauty was his hat trick capping goal in an 8-1 defeat of Dusseldorf EG. Watch as Petersen shakes four defenders, changes directions multiple times, puts on an incredible fake, before firing it home.

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Look at the joy in his coach’s face when the goal goes in. It’s literally too much for him to bear, as he bursts out laughing on the bench at just how ridiculous the entire sequence was.

Nick Petersen, we salute you, because we don’t think there are going to be many goals that top this one.