Struggling Kings are no surprise

Anyone wondering why the L.A. Kings have never been a consistent winner need to look no further than AEG president Tim Leiweke.

They have never placed a premium on wins over entertainment and the bottom line. Until they allow the hockey people to do their jobs they will never win.

Over a year ago, Dean Lombardi stated that the Kings were a year away from turning the team around. One year later and the team is actually worse than they were.

Lombardi should resign immediately. Just because he has a law degree doesn’t make him a good GM.

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Luc Robitaille and his reality TV star need to stay out of the way and let proven hockey people, like Marc Crawford, do their jobs.

If the Kings want to attract more attention from the fans they should try scoring more goals.

Mr. Leiweke, if you want to learn how to build a winning hockey club you only need to look down the freeway at the Ducks, because the Kings are the laughingstock of the NHL.

Brian Keyes, Long Beach