Sundin continues proud Leafs legacy

For all the Leaf fans who are mad at Mats Sundin, I would like to remind you that the franchise was founded by a man who prized loyalty above all else: Conn Smythe.

Sundin is doing the legacy of the franchise proud with his loyalty, and the treatment he has received in return has been unfair at best.

He has held the position of Maple Leaf captain with dignity and has never complained about the way the team has been run. He has always carried himself with aplomb and deserves to be treated with more respect.

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He is not responsible for the current state of the franchise and is one of only a few players who are maintaining the modicum of respectability the Leafs have.

Leaf fans need to be careful, or they could drive away one of Leaf Nation’s most loyal soldiers.

Trevor Jones, London, Ont.