Suspend him or not: Dustin Byfuglien drills Steve Downie with a late hit

There aren’t many Steve Downie fans on or off the ice, but the Penguins pest didn’t deserve the treatment he received from Jets blueliner Dustin Byfuglien Thursday. Check out the video and tell us – would you suspend Byfuglien?

No matter where he plays other than his home arena, Penguins winger Steve Downie is far from the most beloved NHLer on the ice at any given time. But even Downie didn’t deserve the dangerous hit Jets blueliner Dustin Byfuglien put on him Thursday in Winnipeg.

Downie had just come out of the penalty box to score on a breakaway at make it 3-1 for Pittsburgh when Byfuglien all but threw him into the end boards long after the puck had crossed the goal line:

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As you should know by now, the NHL suspends based on injury and not intent – and with Downie not injured on the play, it’s unlikely Byfuglien will receive even a single-game suspension. But if the league is truly serious on cracking down on players who have a clear intent to injure, it would send a message to Byfuglien and the rest of the league by sitting him out a while.