Sweden’s Kiruna IF to wear rainbow-colored jersey next season in support of LGBTQ community

Led by the You Can Play Project, the hockey community has been noted for its progressive support for the LGBTQ community. And next year, Sweden’s Kiruna IF will show its support by wearing rainbow-colored jerseys.

The hockey world is often noted for its progressive approach to the LGBTQ community, most notably led by the
You Can Play Project. NHLers have taken their support to social media and on the airwaves, but this support goes beyond just the North American hockey community. Next season, Kiruna IF, a team in Sweden’s tier-3 professional league, will wear these rainbow-colored jerseys in support of Gay rights.

kirunatweet The tweet loosely translates to: “Official Shirt 14/15. “We’re looking forward to wearing the colors of acceptance.” The jerseys may not be the best for TV (are these games on television?), but it’s a noble effort for a worthwhile cause. And it’s going to put Kiruna IF on the hockey map. What do you think of the jerseys?
Editor’s Note: Translation was changed. Thanks to commenter Johan Hammerby.
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