Swedish club Skelleftea AIK unveils awesome Movember jerseys

The SHL’s Skelleftea AIK are doing their part to raise awareness and funds for cancer research all throughout November by donning Movember-themed jerseys for a contest this coming weekend. The jerseys will be auctioned off post-game with all proceeds going to Movember.

Once October’s fundraising for breast cancer research ends, November’s much hairier drive to raise funds for cancer research, Movember, begins. As a way to raise some money for the cause, SHL team Skelleftea AIK have unveiled a brand new jersey.

The black, yellow and gold threads aren’t a far cry from what the Swedish club usually wears, but there’s a brand new addition that’s impossible to miss. The leaf logo hasn’t been replaced, but the club gave it a disguise: its very own mustache to support Movember.

You’ll also notice the two Movember patches on the left and right shoulders, which are a nice twist on the normal advertising that’s strewn across SHL jerseys.

It appears as if the jersey will only be worn once, however, and it won’t actually be worn during November. Skelleftea plans to wear the new threads this coming Saturday when they host the Malmo Redhawks. Following the game, Skelleftea will auction the jerseys off with all the proceeds going to support Movember.

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Skelleftea isn’t alone in raising funds, however. This season, every SHL team will be participating in the mustache-growing fundraiser, with clubs around the league competing against each other for the Movember fundraising crown. Fans of each club can also join in and be a part of their favorite team’s fundraising by growing their own mustaches or donating to the cause.