Swedish league hockey game stopped by police after bomb threat

The game between Farjestad and Modo in Karlstad in southern Sweden was stopped with less than eight minutes to go in the third period, with host Modo leading 2-0.

Police said a bomb threat against the arena was called in twice during the game, which caused officials to stop play and evacuate the 8,250 people in Lofbergs Lila arena.

“In this case, the threat was deemed serious,” police spokesman Christer Loof said.

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It was unclear whether Modo would be awarded the win, or if the game would resume at a later date. Police dogs were called in to search the arena during the evening, but no bomb was immediately found.

“I have never experienced anything like this before,” Farjestad’s sports director Hakan Loob told newspaper Dagens Nyheter. “I have never heard about any previous threats against the club or the arena.”