Swiss goaltender Berra allows what could be worst goal of the year at World Championship

Swiss goaltender Reto Berra went 0-5 with an .876 SP and 3.48 GAA at the 2015 World Championship, and his 2016 tournament got off to an equally rough start. Berra whiffed on a shot from the far blueline in Kazakhstan’s upset victory over Switzerland.

Colorado Avalanche goaltender Reto Berra had a tough time at the World Championship in 2015, but his start to the 2016 tournament may be even worse.

At last year’s competition, Berra started five games for the Swiss, but his play was largely forgettable. He finished with a .876 save percentage, the worst of any netminder to suit up for at least five games, had an unsightly 3.48 goals-against average and he lost every single one of his games. Again, it wasn’t the best tournament of his life. Yet, there was hope his 2016 World Championship could be better.

Well, if that’s going to be the case, he’s going to have to turn things around in a hurry, because in Switzerland’s tournament-opening game against Kazakhstan, Berra allowed what could be the worst goal of the year on a long-distance shot that came from the far blueline. Check it out:

That’s Roman Savchenko who fires the puck from maybe half a step outside the Kazakhstan zone. It’s looks as though Lino Martschini gets a piece of the puck as Savchenko unloads the shot, but even still, Berra had all day to track that puck into his body. The puck didn’t bounce nor did it appear to take a weird dive. Berra simply whiffed trying to catch a puck he probably should have blocked with his chest instead.

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It gets worse, though. It would have been one thing had Berra allowed this goal and Switzerland went on to win the game, but Kazakhstan picked up what will stand as one of the more shocking victories of the tournament by defeating the Swiss 3-2 in a shootout after being outshot 51-27. Canadian Nigel Dawes, who has been permitted to play for Kazakhstan internationally, scored twice in the shootout to give Kazakhstan the shootout victory.

The Colorado Avalanche will hope Berra, 29, will have goals like that out of his system before he returns to the club next season.