Swiss league player misses empty-netter in hilarious fashion

Swiss league veteran Martin Pluss has scored more than 200 goals and 500 points in 700 games, but his 2015-16 season might be best remembered for the goal he didn’t score. Friday night, Pluss had a wide-open net on a partial breakaway and shot the puck wide.

Martin Pluss has played more than 700 games in Switzerland’s top league, is a two time league MVP and was named the media’s MVP in 2014-15. With talent like that, you wouldn’t expect to hear Pluss’ name associated with a head-shaking blunder, but the 38-year-old center had a Patrik Stefan moment Friday night.

With the third period winding down in a contest Pluss’ SC Bern was leading 4-3, he got the puck in the neutral zone and beat an EHC Biel defender to the outside. The EHC Biel net was empty and Pluss, who has scored 227 goals and 531 career points in the NLA, had a wide-open cage to shoot at.

Were Pluss given a wide-open cage 10 times, you’d expect to bury the puck every single time. This just so happened to be the one time, though, that Pluss may have gotten a little over-anxious. Watch Pluss put a floating wrist shot wide of the empty cage:

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Yikes. Luckily for Pluss, Biel didn’t come up ice and tie the game, which really would have made his open-net miss resemble Stefan’s infamous gaffe. Better yet, Pluss was able to net the game-winning goal on a gorgeous end-to-end rush for his eighth-goal of the season.

That said, no matter how many goals Pluss scores this season, his teammates aren’t going to forget him missing an empty-netter like that.

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