Take a look inside some of hockey’s finest fan caves

In our Fan Issue, we asked you to submit pictures of your fan cave. The submissions are in and now you can take a look into some of the finest hockey fan heavens across the world.

Hockey fans are a special breed. So special, in fact, we dedicated an entire issue, appropriately
dubbed the Fan Issue, entirely to the hockey fan. Be it cheering (or jeering) habits, your fantastic fan stories, or a little bit about the players you love the most, we wanted to give you the issue you’ve always wanted. In return, we asked for one small thing: pictures of your fan cave – the place you go, decked out with all your favorite gear, to watch your team 82 times during the regular season as they work towards chasing hockey’s ultimate prize. We received a number of submissions, but below you can find our favorites:

This Rangers fan heaven, complete with what looks like custom Rangers carpeting, comes in courtesy of ASW:
ASW Dennis Hirtz also has big love for the Blueshirts, showing his affection with a selection of Rangers jerseys and photos of big moments:
Dennis Hintz Bryan Weiss’ Canucks room is next, and he’s got a pair of jerseys signed by his heroes in Vancouver:
Bryan Weiss Emily also has some love for the Canucks – look at the left wall – but there’s also room in her heart for the Canadiens, Senators, and Maple Leafs:
Emily Speaking of Maple Leafs, Gerard Pastorius has a special place in his heart for the team from Ontario’s capital:
Gerard Pastorius As does Jeff Libonati, who is hoping this is the year that finally breaks the Cup drought:
Jeff Libonati For Jordy Wurfel, the drought was broken in 2010. After 54 years, Jordy finally got to cheer on a Blackhawks Stanley Cup championship and the fan cave reflects the ‘Hawks newfound glory days:
Jordy Wurfel For Liam Scanlan, the glory days came back in 1989 when the Flames won their first and only Stanley Cup. His love for Theo Fleury and Trevor Kidd runs deep:
Liam Scanlan Meanwhile, Mark Foxton and Paul Baker show their love for the Bruins:
Mark Foxton
Paul Baker Nate Morton seems like he would have been sad to see the North Stars leave, but one can imagine he’s pretty happy with this season’s Minnesota Wild:
Nate Morton While Nate enjoys the start to this season, Greg Chassman certainly takes time to reminisce about the way last season ended:
Greg Chassman And, finally, Trevor Halleran’s fan cave features jerseys, memorabilia, beer taps, and more. The perfect place to be before and after a big win or a tough loss:
Trevor Halleran Thank you to everyone for your submissions and letting us into your hockey-crazy worlds.

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