Taking responsibility for your own actions

I am very disgusted to learn Todd Bertuzzi is now suing Marc Crawford – his former Canucks coach – for Crawford’s apparent role in the Steve Moore incident.

Since when does “paying the price” in a dressing room speech equate to clobbering an unsuspecting opponent from behind?

We have all been subjected to the footage time and time again and it is evident to everyone that Bertuzzi stalked Moore across the rink, with very little regard for any of the other action that was taking place.

Sadly, Bertuzzi still fails to understand four years later that you need to be accountable for your own actions and not blame others for your own stupidity.

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Do I think Crawford had some role in breaking Steve Moore’s neck? I agree he incited his dressing room to target Moore, but no reasonable human being wishes the kind of harm on another like what Bertuzzi inflicted on Moore.

It is time for Bertuzzi to assume the responsibility for his own indefensible actions, quit blaming others, and once and for all settle this issue by compensating Moore for ending his career.

Dan Snell, Scarborough, Ont.