Thank you Godzilla

Today I read some sad news: Olaf Kolzig would not be returning to the Capitals.

When you think of a Capital most people would remember Dale Hunter, Peter Bondra or Mike Gartner. I say Kolzig belongs among those names.

I compare Kolzig to another great athlete Barry Sanders. Both knew it was a game but played it with passion and respect and never showboated or held a press conference in their driveway; they just played the game.

I have been in the D.C. area for seven years now, but will always be an Islanders fan. However, I have gained a lot of respect for Kolzig, especially watching him during Alex Ovechkin’s rookie year when the team was going through a rebuilding stage. There was Kolzig, who could have jumped ship multiple times, sticking it out just like another great player: Ray Bourque.

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Kolzig played day in and day out and always kept the Caps in the game.

Thank you Mr. Kolzig for your years of playing the game like it should be played with the passion of a kid playing on the pond and with the humble attitude that is forgotten in today’s professional sport world.

Andrew Gamm, Washington, D.C.