The BOG are right, the game is fine

Some kind of reasoning came out of the NHL’s BOG meetings last week: The game is good. Honestly, the game is great!

When will the NHL stop worrying about the people who want to see 10 goals a game? Increasing the size of the nets is the worst idea since FOXTRAX.

If they won’t waver from the “more scoring” aspect, look to the past for changes that were made to curb scoring.

The Habs were too good on the power play so they allowed players to leave the box after one goal.

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The Oilers were too good four-on-four, so they made the five-aside rule.

Why is defense and great goaltending a bad thing? A great save, big hit or a good scrap is just as exciting as a big goal.

Don’t change the game of hockey, let us fans enjoy it for what it is.

Ryan Higgison, Windsor, Ont.