The “British take” on hockey that made us laugh. (Warning: contains knickers)

The classic Game 6 comeback by Chicago in the 2013 Stanley Cup final gets the Anthony Richardson, bad British commentary touch in this comedic video. Spoiler alert: it ends like “the final scene in Home Alone. But everyone has a beard.”

How do you make a classic hockey game even more special? Why spoof it, the way only the Brits can do, of course.

Anthony Richardson, the English comic and writer who is making a name for himself on this side of the pond by wryly voicing over sporting events, takes a crack at hockey via Game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup final.

The bit may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and he has his way with some sacred cows, but if you enjoy some spam, spam, eggs and spam with your SportsCentre on occasion, this will be up your alley.

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For example, the mock announcer wonders with amazement why Corey Crawford is leaving his crease. “Crikey o’blimey!” he shouts. “The keeper is legging it. Runaway bride! He can’t take it anymore and is fleeing the stadium in terror! Come back you coward.”

He also makes references to the “third half”, “the Stanley Knife Cup” and compares a goal to finding a “charming bra and knickers.”

In previous videos, Richardson has had fun with a Yankees-Red Sox game, an Alabama-Notre Dame football contest and an NBA final Game 7.