The Canucks are ready to rock with player-specific goal songs this season

The Vancouver Canucks are debuting player-specific goal songs in 2015-16, starting with Friday night’s game against the St. Louis Blues. And fans wanting in on the action can have a hand in selecting a tune for Radim Vrbata.

After scoring, the Anaheim Ducks play Pennywise’s ‘Bro Hymn,’ the Chicago Blackhawks blast The Fratellis’ ‘Chelsea Dagger’ and the Vancouver Canucks, well, this season it will depend on who found the back of the net.

For the 2015-16 campaign, the Canucks are doing the whole goal song thing a bit differently. Each individual player will have their own specific tune. A few teams around the league already do something similar, but this is every single player.

“Few teams in the NHL have discovered a single goal song that is universally adored by their fan base,” wrote’s Derek Jory. “We took a step back this off-season and rethought the entire process. Why is the goal song even up for debate, shouldn’t the player who scores get to choose the music?”

So that’s exactly what the Canucks are doing.

The full list of tunes hasn’t been released yet and it seems as though fans are going to have to have a keen ear to pick out what exactly is played when each player scores because the Canucks aren’t tipping their hand yet.

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There is, however, one song that fans can have a say on: the tune for Radim Vrbata, Vancouver’s leading goal scorer from 2014-15. According to Jory, Vrbata wanted fans to vote on his goal song and the final four is down to The Pack a.d.’s ‘Haunt You’, Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock N Roll’, My Chemical Romance’s ‘Na Na Na’ and The Heavy’s ‘How You Like Me Now.’

The Heavy’s uber-popular jam was in front by a mile Friday morning, so there’s a good chance should Vrbata score fans will be celebrating to ‘How You Like Me Now.’ The songs will all be teed up Friday evening when the Canucks host the St. Louis Blues.

And should the Canucks score a goal without a clear goal scorer, they’ll have a song for that, too: The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) by U2. We wonder if Ryan Miller and Jacob Markstrom got to pick goal songs, too.