The classic Gordie Howe

Dear THN Readers;

I had an opportunity recently to meet Gordie Howe and I can tell you his incredible hockey career is equaled by his class off the ice.

His hockey career will never be surpassed. Maybe most impressive, he was top five in NHL scoring for 20 consecutive seasons. In addition, he was a first team NHL all-star 12 times – including three times in his 40s – and a second team NHL all-star nine times. Howe was NHL MVP or scoring leader 12 times. During his last NHL season (1979-80), Howe scored 41 points in 80 games as a 51-year-old.

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And none of this includes his World Association accomplishments during the 1970’s. He scored 96 points in 76 games during the 1977-78 WHA season as a 49-year-old!

His accomplishments on the ice are amazing, especially when you consider the length of his career and how tough he played the game. He is also as classy a person as you’ll ever meet. He’s friendly and talkative with adults around him and even more friendly with the kids.

Hockey could use more ambassadors like him. Thank you Gordie.

Pat Flanagan, Kalamazoo, Mich.